Parents and guardians can use a free mobile app to know where their child’s bus is located and when it will arrive at the neighborhood bus stop.

The Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) app uses GPS data in a customizable map to show parents and guardians where the bus is and how close it is to your child’s bus stop before and after school. Additionally, parents/guardians can receive push notifications or email messages when the bus is near their child’s stop, has been substituted, or when WJCC Schools has other important bus announcements.

HCTB can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet services. Smartphone and tablet users may download the app for free from iTunes or Google Play.

To register, families will need their child’s student ID and the WJCC Schools code 73929. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Here Comes the Bus app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit from your computer.
  2. Click the “SignUp” button.
  3. Enter the WJCC Schools code 73929 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm.”
  4. Complete the “User Profile” box.
  5. Under “My Students” click “Add” to enter your child’s last name and student ID number.
  6. Once you confirm your information, you are ready to use the HCTB

Creating Your Account on Mobile

Creating Your Account on a Computer

Once activated, you can customize or edit features, including how the app will communicate with you and the size of the notification radius.

The HCTB app does not track buses for the following:

  • Bright Beginnings
  • Out of zone students
  • Alternative addresses
  • Service between schools
  • Afterschool activities or athletic events
  • Half days or early release

Although the mobile app provides real-time information about buses, it is still important for families and students to be mindful of the division’s practices for bus stop safety. As a reminder, parents are responsible for their own children as they wait for the school bus to arrive in the morning. Also, a parent/guardian/older sibling must accompany kindergarten and special needs students at the bus stop and be present at student drop off. If a responsible person is not available to receive the kindergarten or special needs student, the child will be returned to his/her school and a parent or guardian will be responsible for transporting the child home


Please understand that we sometimes make bus substitutions when preventative maintenance is due, breakdowns occur and in response to the management of bus drivers. When a bus substitution is made, some features of the HCTB app may not work.

Any changes to runs or bus stops can take up to 24 hours to update.

Once you are logged into your account, the link to HCTB support can be found by selecting Help.  Additional resources can be found there as well.

Questions or concerns related to bus service issues should be directed to Transportation Dispatch: Dial (757) 565-0808, Option 2 is for a Normal School Day Hours of Operation: 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.