Stopfinder allows families to view their students’ bus schedules, set up alerts to notify users when a bus arrives and departs, and share their child’s route information with other caregivers. The app uses real-time GPS updates to track bus locations and distances from stops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I see multiple icons when I look at the route map. What do they mean?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:40-04:00

Your child’s school is marked with a purple icon. The current location of the bus is marked by a bus. The red circular icon indicates the child’s bus stop and the home address on file is marked by the home icon.

Why can’t I see the bus icon?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:45-04:00

The bus icon should appear about 15 minutes before the scheduled trip starts and disappear 15 minutes after scheduled end of the trip. Additionally, the bus icon will disappear 5 minutes after the engine is turned off (such as when it’s waiting at schools) but will reappear once the engine is turned back on.

I do not see a route for student. What does this mean?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:47-04:00

Student routes are based on the day of the week. If you do not see a route, that means there is not a planned bus route that day like in the case there is not school that day. If you do not see a route and school is planned for that day, please email

Why don’t I see all my students in the Stopfinder App?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:50-04:00

If your app is missing students, please email

I received an invitation to Stopfinder, but it is has expired. What should I do?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:53-04:00

Email to receive a new invite.

My notifications seem to be delayed. How do I fix this?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:56-04:00

Stopfinder uses cell phone-enabled transponders on buses to send notifications to families. If you are experiencing a delay, it is probably because the cell phone signal along your route is not strong. Either increase your GeoAlert diameter or move your GeoAlert further away from the intended stop, so you get the GeoAlert earlier.

Why can’t I see all the bus stops?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:59-04:00

For security purposes we do not show all bus stops, just your child’s assigned bus stop (red circle).

I am having problems with my Stopfinder app. Who do I contact?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:26:01-04:00

If you have questions or concerns about Stopfinder, please email