Transportation FAQs

I am having problems with my Stopfinder app. Who do I contact?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:26:01-04:00

If you have questions or concerns about Stopfinder, please email

Why can’t I see all the bus stops?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:59-04:00

For security purposes we do not show all bus stops, just your child’s assigned bus stop (red circle).

My notifications seem to be delayed. How do I fix this?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:56-04:00

Stopfinder uses cell phone-enabled transponders on buses to send notifications to families. If you are experiencing a delay, it is probably because the cell phone signal along your route is not strong. Either increase your GeoAlert diameter or move your GeoAlert further away from the intended stop, so you get the GeoAlert earlier.

I received an invitation to Stopfinder, but it is has expired. What should I do?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:53-04:00

Email to receive a new invite.

Why don’t I see all my students in the Stopfinder App?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:50-04:00

If your app is missing students, please email

I do not see a route for student. What does this mean?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:47-04:00

Student routes are based on the day of the week. If you do not see a route, that means there is not a planned bus route that day like in the case there is not school that day. If you do not see a route and school is planned for that day, please email

Why can’t I see the bus icon?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:45-04:00

The bus icon should appear about 15 minutes before the scheduled trip starts and disappear 15 minutes after scheduled end of the trip. Additionally, the bus icon will disappear 5 minutes after the engine is turned off (such as when it’s waiting at schools) but will reappear once the engine is turned back on.

I see multiple icons when I look at the route map. What do they mean?WJCC Schools2022-04-20T12:25:40-04:00

Your child’s school is marked with a purple icon. The current location of the bus is marked by a bus. The red circular icon indicates the child’s bus stop and the home address on file is marked by the home icon.

Is student behavior on the bus viewed the same as in the classroom?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T14:56:13-04:00

Yes.   The school bus is an extension of the classroom. School begins when the bus arrives at the bus stop. The standard or expected behavior for students on a school bus, is that every student will remain seated throughout the bus ride.  School bus drivers will address students displaying improper and/or unsafe behavior and refer repeated offenders to school administration for review/action.

When there is an infraction on the bus, a referral is turned into the school administrators, who are responsible for contacting the student and parent to solve the lack of compliance with bus expectations. The school administrator is solely responsible for consequences based on the incident as described by the driver and student. All buses have video cameras, which could be used to verify incidents.

Who is responsible for students at the bus stop?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T14:57:20-04:00

Parents are responsible for their own children as they wait for the school bus to arrive in the morning. The school division will become responsible for students once they board the school bus. Parents again assume responsibility for their own children once the student(s) depart the school bus. Grades 1-12 will be released at the assigned school bus stop, therefore parents/guardians must decide if their presence is required each day to receive their own children.

What is the Kindergarten student release policy?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T14:57:48-04:00

Kindergarten students are required to have a parent/guardian/older sibling present with them at the school bus stop both mornings and afternoons. If a responsible person is not available to receive the KG student, that student will be returned to their school and the parent/guardian will become responsible to transport them home that day.

What process should a parent/guardian use if they have a concern regarding their child’s school bus transportation, i.e. bus stop assignment, inconsistent schedule of bus arrival at the assigned bus stop, discipline at the bus stop or on the bus, etc.?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T14:58:29-04:00

Parent/guardian concerns regarding student transportation should be directed to either the student’s designated school or the WJCC Transportation Office at 757-565-0808 and select option #2.

How are families notified regarding their assigned bus stop?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T14:59:06-04:00

Students in Special Programs and programs outside our district (i.e. Preschool, Career and Technical, Governor’s School and School of Arts) will receive a call approximately 1-week before school starts with bus stop information. All other students (K-12) and Special Needs can check the division web page for the Bus Stop & Zone Info link.

What is the travel distance to a school bus stop?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:00:34-04:00

School Board Policy EEAB has established the following:

  • Students in grades K-5 can travel up to .5 miles.
  • Students in grades 6-12 can travel up to 1.0 mile.
How are bus stop locations determined?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:00:58-04:00

School bus stops are created using an automated routing system in conjunction with both an efficiency and safety criteria. This criteria includes creating centralized stops that pose no unusual hazards to students and the community.

What if the bus does not arrive at a bus stop on time?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:38:26-04:00

Students should arrive at the school bus stop 10 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time. While we make every effort to have the bus on time, events beyond our control can and do occur.  Heavy morning traffic and adverse weather conditions are the most common problems.  If the bus is late, parents should call the WJCC Transportation Office at 757-565-0808 and select option #2.

Can parents/guardians request school bus stop location changes?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:40:41-04:00

You can fill out a change request form by downloading the document below:

What is the expected length of time for school bus runs?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:41:22-04:00

There are no time limits set by School Board Policy. We attempt to keep bus runs less than 60 minutes. However, there are occasions when this is not practical based on the distances, number of stops, and number of students required to be transported to and from a school.

What is the procedure for getting transportation for Special Needs Students?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:41:42-04:00

Contact your child’s school. The school will contact the School Division Special Needs Department and a Case Manager will be assigned for each student. The Case Manager will assist families in determining the appropriate transportation services. Transportation services for special needs children are documented as a component to the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and these requirements are provided to the transportation department.

What can be done to maintain school bus safety?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:42:18-04:00

Education and knowledge will keep students safe. Replacing school buses at established intervals will keep the technology current and better serve the driver and students.  Students are safer by understanding and following the bus safety rules. The informed public should be aware and comply with the law by not passing a stopped school bus with red lights flashing.

Whenever possible, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to accompany their children to and from the bus stop, as safety is greatly enhanced.

My child left an item on the bus, how can I get it back?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:44:30-04:00

Drivers are required to check buses at the completion of each run.  Drivers are asked to secure any items left on a bus until the next morning.  If the student does not ride in the morning, the driver will turn the item into the respective school’s front office.  For emergencies only (medications, etc.) parents can contact WJCC Transportation at 757-565-0808 option #2.

What constitutes the School Bus Danger Zone?WJCC Schools2019-07-29T15:44:55-04:00

The Danger Zone is a 10-foot wide area all around a school bus where students are in the most danger of being hit and injured by the school bus. Students must stay 10-feet away from the bus to be out of the Danger Zone and should never go behind the bus. If students must cross the street they should take five steps in front of the bus before crossing to ensure the driver has a clear line of sight.  Students should remain alert for cars (someone running the red lights) and never approach the bus when it is preparing to stop.