2019 WJCC Business Partners

Business Honorees

WJCC recognized three of our most valued business partners for being named to the Virginia School Boards Association 2019 Business Honor Roll. Their ongoing commitment and support of our students and schools is very much appreciated. Not only do we value and depend upon their collaboration but we are thankful that we can highlight some of their many contributions to our school division. Partnerships with these businesses provide opportunities for students and staff to work with members of our community and enrich educational experiences both in and outside of our classrooms.

Anheuser Busch, Inc.Gary Dronen
Partnering with Anheuser Busch, Inc. created opportunities for students to broaden academic experiences and learn firsthand the technical skills needed in the workforce. Anheuser Busch opens their doors to us annually for Manufacturing Day for student tours that help students make strong connections between what they are learning and the 21st century skills needed in jobs today.
Chick-fil-AWren Holland
If you have ever been to a spirit night at Chick-fil-A Mooretown, most likely it was in support of one of our 16 schools. The team has made generous contributions for school-based initiatives and we were so excited to learn that the organization spearheaded a school supply drive to ensure all students in WJCC Schools have what they need and are prepared to learn.
Movement MortgageKeith Freeland
As an expert in securing funds for property loans, Keith Freeland from Movement Mortgage works with students in Economics and Personal Finance courses to understand the relationship between home ownership and the local economy. He is also a member of the trio of businesses who hosts the Honor Thy Educator: 11th Commandment luncheons. Mr. Freeland enjoys serving teachers to give them a special moment away from the classroom.
2019 Outstanding Volunteers of the Year

Outstanding Volunteers of the Year

WJCC recognized one volunteer from each school who’s work supports the goals of the division’s strategic plan, Elevate Beyond Excellence. A volunteer is broadly defined as any individual who contributes their time, talents and skills to the learning process. These outstanding individuals go well beyond this call when they volunteer in our schools each week. We appreciate their unwavering support and strong sense of advocacy towards our students’ success.

Charles Williams
Charles WilliamsBright Beginnings
Mr. C has been volunteering in Regina Ihsane’s Bright Beginnings’ classroom for three years. He is a proponent of building children’s literacy skills, promoting kindness, and teaching children to dream big. Each week, Mr. C engages children with authentic stories that are often written by his daughter, Ashley. The students look forward to Mr. C’s weekly visits and eagerly greet him with a high- five, hand shake, Wakanda Forever greeting, or simply a wave.
Scott Hayes
Scott HayesClara Byrd Baker
Mr. Scott Hayes positively impacts the perception of Clara Byrd Baker. Dressing as CBB’s mascot, Baker Bear, Scott is an institution inside and outside of the building. You see Baker Bear at special occasions including Mix It Up Day, the Walkathon, New Families Dinner, the Holiday Parade, and award ceremonies, to name a few. Mr. Hayes is also instrumental in helping run the sound system for musical performances, assemblies, and even helping set up music for our Walkathon. Clara Byrd Baker is lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer.
Debbie Breaux
Debbie BreauxD.J. Montague
As a former elementary school teacher and high school librarian, Debbie Breaux came to DJ with years of knowledge and experience. Since her first day in 2017, there has been no task or challenge that Debbie has shied away from. Not only did she help realign, catalog and decorate the media center but she also makes strong connections with students. She has spent countless hours teaching students how to research, locate their own materials, and develop interest in new authors or book series. DJ Montague is lucky that she chose us!
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer WalkerJ. Blaine Blayton
Jen Walker goes above and beyond to help anyone and everyone at JBB. From keeping our NBA Attendance Board up to date, to handing out “try day” foods to all the students in the cafeteria and supporting our PTA. She always has a smile on her face and is ALWAYS willing to help out wherever needed. She is the mother to a 1st and 4th grader at JBB and just about any day of the week you will find her supporting all of us at the Hive.
Nicole Green
Nicole GreenJames River
Nicole Green volunteers in a first grade classroom every Monday from 9:15-11:00. If there is a need, she meets it. She has provided students with instructional support and warm clothing. She’s brought healthy snacks to class and although she had a sick baby, she provided decorations, snacks and activities for a holiday celebration. Mrs. Green also stepped up and took a position on our school’s PTA Board after members of the board moved schools. She deserves recognition for her unwavering support of James River Elementary School.
Brandi Sullivan
Brandi SullivanLaurel Lane
Mrs. Brandi Sullivan is a Proud Penguin Parent who devotes countless hours each week to our school. From supporting teachers with their reading stations to helping assemble furniture for our flexible seating classrooms, she’s willing to do any and every task. The small list includes helping with school performances, reading with students, and supporting children with assignments/projects. Her willingness to jump in and be a part of our school community embodies the vision we set for partnership and family engagement—she is “all in for all our kids!”
Ali Younica
Ali YounicaMatoaka
Taking on the responsibilities of a school’s PTA President for two consecutive school years is extraordinary! Mrs. Ally Younica works tirelessly to lead Matoaka’s PTA efforts to support a wide variety of initiative and projects. She is an active and enthusiastic collaborator and ALWAYS supports others. Ms. Younica led our PTA’s effort to be recognized as a National School of Excellence. Matoaka Elementary School is truly a better place for our students, faculty and staff because of people like Mrs. Younica!!
Carolyn Cox
Carolyn CoxMatthew Whaley
Carolyn Cox is Matthew Whaley’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Mrs. Cox has volunteered in our school clinic every week since 2014. As a retired teacher, she appreciates the magnitude of what is required behind-the-scenes each day at a school. Week after week, her accurate work helps with countless projects as Matthew Whaley cycles through the school year. Her dedication trickles to support our students in countless ways!
Erin Larson
Erin LarsonNorge
Erin Larson is Norge Elementary School’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Erin serves as treasurer of our PTA and volunteer in her daughter’s class. She has embraced both roles with excellence and integrity. With her help, we have school celebrations, provide instructional support and plan enjoyable events for our families. She created our first Father-Daughter Dance, “Ties & Tiaras”. We celebrate her vibrancy and enthusiasm.
Danielle Cushman
Danielle CushmanStonehouse
Danielle Cushman is a staple at Stonehouse! She can be found helping in her child’s classroom, with picture day, the book fair, PTA or decorating the school. She is solely responsible for developing the idea to decorate the main hall. Remember the big red octopus? All her idea! She also decorated the 4th grade pod and classroom doors for SOL Survivor, to include brainstorming the theme! Danielle organizes the DAILY acts during Teacher Appreciation week and puts together meals to feed roughly 100 people!
Michael Loy
Michael LoyBerkeley
BMS has picked Mr. Michael Loy as our volunteer of the year. He works endlessly around the building for all our teachers. He built the set for Legally Blonde Jr., assists teachers with needs in their classrooms, and goes out of his way every day to make teachers feel appreciated.
Jill Dalton
Jill DaltonLois S. Hornsby
Jill Dalton’s ideas and initiatives for engaging the school and the community have furthered our positive, supportive school atmosphere. As our current PTSA President, Jill already contributes her time and talents. This year she recognized and responded to a need, understanding student anxiety. She organized an amazing event around the movie Angst, securing the movie, finding community resources, and incorporating speakers. It was a huge success. We appreciate her!
Dr. Jennifer Bickham Mendez
Dr. Jennifer Bickham MendezJames Blair
Supported by a Mellon Grant for Civic Engagement and Leadership, Jennifer Bickham Mendez assigned twenty-four William and Mary students to work with JBMS students as tutors and mentors. Enrolled in an interdisciplinary course in the departments of Sociology and Latin American Studies, the W&M students focused on the intricacies of “leadership” through hands-on work with diverse groups of middle school students. The majority of the W&M students were Spanish speakers, and several worked closely with English Language students, providing classroom support as well as mentorship.
Karen Rath
Karen RathToano
If our Tiger P.R.I.D.E. could extend to one of our parents, Ms. Rath would be the perfect example. Ms. Rath has tenaciously worked to secure grants and funding to transform our current garden into an interactive learning space for our students. Her enthusiasm for this project has extended to our staff and community partners as she has also devoted her time to sharing blueprints and plans with stakeholders. “Rudolf Steiner’s quote “receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send then forth in freedom” is the motto that Mrs. Rath as she strives to be a champion for students.
Laura Johnson
Laura JohnsonJamestown
Laura Johnson, Jamestown High School’s PTSA president, brings high energy to everything she does. Ms. Johnson culled the PTSA survey data to inform school administration of opportunities for growth and engagement with the community. Under Ms. Johnson’s leadership, the PTSA at JHS is growing in numbers and activities that unite our school. Ms. Johnson soars with the wings of an eagle for our students.
Dr. Steve Mares
Dr. Steve MaresLafayette
Dr. Steve Mares is Lafayette High School’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Dr. Mares’ dedication began in 2002 when he became the team doctor for LHS athletes. He continues to this day, to look out for student health and safety by performing athletic physicals and by contributing his expertise to the concussion program, IMPACT. His support for students and their projects continued in 2008, when he also volunteered to design and build sets for the theatre department. Each spring he collaborates with volunteers to create a stage equal to that of Broadway’s for students to showcase their talents.
Stacey Cottrell
Stacey CottrellWarhill
Stacey Cottrell volunteers her time as a member of the Warhill Athletic Booster Club board. She has been a board member for the past three year and has been instrumental on bringing community involvement for the Booster Club and Warhill Athletics – specifically with the future addition of an auxiliary gym. She and her husband, Alan, have two children; Alex graduated in 2018 and Dylan is currently an 11th grader. Both Alex and Dylan were athletes at Warhill playing football, basketball and baseball.