Williamsburg-James City County Schools (WJCC Schools) is committed to the safety of its students, staff, and visitors to our schools. While the division does not share detailed safety plans publicly, every school has security measures and procedures in place. These plans are routinely reviewed and practiced through lockdown and emergency drills in collaboration with local police, fire, and other emergency agencies.

In addition to emergency response plans, there are various safety measures in place in our schools to create positive learning environments. Some of these measures include:

  • The presence of sworn police officers who work as School Resources Officers (SROs) in all middle and high school buildings to support safety efforts and partner with school administrators, students, parents, and staff;
  • A buzzer entry system for visitors and card key access for staff members;
  • Interior and exterior Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in all schools which can be accessed remotely by local law enforcement agencies;
  • Ongoing safety/emergency training for administrators, school counselors, social workers, and psychological staff;
  • A Crisis Response Team in each school to lead the response to a variety of potential school emergencies;
  • School visitor sign-in procedures that require, as a condition of entry, guests to scan an ID, and wear a visitor’s badge;
  • Use of the school division’s rapid notification system, to call, email and text families during an emergency to provide the most current information; and
  • A school safety committee made up of school personnel and first responders who work together to identify new procedures, hardware, and technologies to strengthen school safety efforts.

While technology enhances our ability to provide a safe learning environment for students, human relationships also play a critical role. Students must feel comfortable talking with counselors, teachers, and other trusted adults to report a concern when they become aware of a potential safety issue related to their school.

While no school wants to have to employ the emergency plans it has in place; these measures are vital in preparing students, staff, and law enforcement agencies to respond to crisis situations effectively. WJCC Schools appreciates your partnership in talking about school safety with your families following the safety procedures in place at our schools.

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