CTE Advisory Committee

Charles Leasure, Ph.D.


What is the role of the Career and Technical Advisory Committee?

The advisory council’s role is purely advisory in nature and does not include administrative or policy-making duties. The council’s function is to advise and assist in program planning, not to establish or direct policy.

Advisory council members can assist students by providing:

  • Information and visibility for the Career & Technical Education Program
  • Current occupational information
  • Incentives, i.e., scholarships, prizes and awards
  • Support for student organizations
  • Placement assistance

They can aid in instruction by providing:

  • Program recommendations based on interpretation of new developments in the occupation
  • Evaluation of facilities and equipment
  • Resource persons
  • Suggestions on the required qualifications for Career & Technical Instructions
  • Suggestions for in-service programs to improve instructor competence

They can expand public relations by providing:

  • Recommendations for increasing community understanding of Career & Technical Education
  • Visibility for Career & Technical Education by serving as a speaker for student organizations, career days, and other activities.
  • Representation at Career & Technical Conferences

There are numerous ways that advisory council members can be helpful to the school. Members should be involved in activities that would make a positive contribution to the school. The council’s role is to deal with educational concerns only and not to get involved in such things as partisan political issues, school personnel matters, or fundraising activities.