5th Grade Skypes with VA Tech Scientists

Friday, May 15th, Stonehouse fifth grade students were treated to a Q & A with Virginia Tech Scientists, Dr.s McDonald and Chappell. Students have been studying cells and living things in science class. Dr. McDonald, who studies viruses, and Dr. Chappell, who studies blood vessels, answered students’ questions and even took them on a tour of the lab. Did I mention that they were over 250 miles away? Thanks to Skype, students were able to have a real time, face to face interview with people who make a career out studying cells and living things.

Skype (2) Skype (3)

3rd Grade Uses Plickers to Review for SOLs

What are Plickers you ask? Directly from their website: “Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices”. Each student is assigned a 4 sided card, allowing them to answer multiple choice style questions posed by the teacher. The teacher snaps a photo of the class’s answers using the app on any smart phone or tablet. It gives teachers instant feedback on who understands, without students feeling the pressure of answering questions out loud, or showing their answer on a white board. In the picture you can see Mrs. Gaten’s class enjoying their SOL review.

Relay for Life: May 1-2, 2015