4th Grade Fractions

Fourth grade students learn about fractions using many tools: fraction strips, fraction circles, egg cartons, fraction towers, and so much more! On this day, students ordered fractions using strategies in their journals and then checked their work using fraction towers. Can you tell if their key words were least to greatest OR greatest to least?

4th grade fractions (1) 4th grade fractions (2) 4th grade fractions (3) 4th grade fractions (5) 4th grade fractions (6)

Jump Rope For Heart

Hello Stonehouse Parents,

Stonehouse will be participating in the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart this month. We will be jumping in Physical Education class the week of February 19-26, 2016, for the official jumping part of JRFH. This year we would like to raise all our money for the American Heart Association by going online.  No cash or checks will be collected and brought to school.  Please follow the online instructions your child will be bringing home if you would like to participate in this worthy cause.   It is so much easier raising money online and students and parents do not have to worry about collecting money.  We will be trying to collect as much money as we can online for the whole month of February.  Your students will print off the online donation print out and just bring that back to school.  If he/she are unable to do that I can go online and see how much each student has raised on line.  Again, please do not send in any money to school.  All money that is raised will be done online only.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.  If you have any questions please contact either Wendy Heath or Debbie Bruce.


Wendy Heath/Debbie Bruce

Physical Education Teachers

Stonehouse Elementary School


Check out photos and videos from our Jump Rope Assembly, featuring Apex Skip-Its:

APEX Skip-Its (1) APEX Skip-Its (2) APEX Skip-Its (3)

Watch Mrs. Heath try double dutch!

Seasonal Bird Feeders

Mrs. Tremblay/Orlando’s class learned about the Winter Season and some of Its effects on people and animals.  The students enjoyed making Peanut Butter Bird Feeders. They are anxiously watching and waiting for the birds to come by for lunch.

Seasonal Bird Feeders (2) Seasonal Bird Feeders (3) Seasonal Bird Feeders (4)