This month, students have been learning all about stop, walk, and talk as the key to responding appropriately to disrespect. In a nutshell, you should signal the person to stop the disrespectful behavior. Walk away or turn your body if the person does not stop, and talk to the closest adult if the problem still continues. Students celebrated Unity Day on October 19th as a component of this larger bullying prevention program. Unity Day festivities included wearing orange and signing the following pledge as a of symbol of commitment to creating a respectful school community.
I pledge…
…to always strive to be respectful even when it is difficulty
…to practice stop, walk, and talk when I see disrespect, and
…to use a stopping strategy when someone gives me the stop signal.

In addition, Respect Bingo runs throughout the remainder of the month to encourage and recognize students for positive behavior toward others.

unity-day-1 unity-day-3