Stonehouse Soccer Team

Our Stonehouse Soccer clubs finished their season on May 12th. Both teams (ages 6-8 and ages 9-11) enjoyed the thrill of playing their final game inside Wanner Stadium. Thank you to coaches Kline and Brown. Thank you to the partnership between William and Mary athletics, Virginia Legacy Soccer, and WJCC Schools. And mostly, thank you to the parents and players for a great season.

Staff and Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Robyn Lacasse, Support Staff of the Year, Laurie Hudson, and Volunteer of the Year, Michelle McLain.

Teacher of the Year – Robyn Lacasse: Robyn has been with Stonehouse for over ten years and has played an integral part in the success of our students.  She is a valued third grade teacher and has served in many leadership positions throughout her career.  She is presently Team Leader and a member of the MTSS Committee.  She has written and/or revised curriculum for the school division and is a model teacher for collaboration.  She has been an inclusion teacher for many years and has been extremely successful in providing creative and engaging lessons which have moved her students to record goals.  She is a member of the Clinical Faculty at The College of William and Mary and has played a huge role in working with student teachers.  Robyn is also one of those truly talented teachers who can take a lemon and turn it into lemonade.  She displays a positive attitude and will go above and beyond in helping any and all colleagues.  Robyn is a very talented teacher who greatly contributes to the success of our school, but does not expect accolades and does not seek the limelight.  She still strives to be the best at what she does for teacher betterment of the school and her students.

Support Staff of the Year – Laurie Hudson: Laurie displays the best showcases to support our curriculum.  She works tirelessly between the library, recycling, and decorating.  She greets students daily and models how they should behave.  She is a charter member of SES.  If you’ve never put together a display case, you should see Laurie’s.  They are beautiful, colorful, and support what we are covering in our school curriculum.  She pays for many of the items used with her own money.  Honestly, if she lived in NYC she could get a job decorating Macey’s window fronts.  She has an incredible eye for color and design.

Volunteer of the Year: Michelle McLain: Michelle McLain is the definition of volunteerism.  Since day one of her children entering  Stonehouse she has been available to their teachers for anything!  This includes creating amazing bulletin boards, door covers, and other displays that capture the imagination of the children and expand on what is being taught in the classroom.  Her work does not stop there, Michelle often helps with students who do not have the support at home to finish important work such as science projects,  civil war journals, or just reading with them.  As many teachers can attest to, once Michelle’s own children have moved on, she continues to help out in the lower grades as needed, always with a smile and can-do attitude.  She volunteers for every special event, party, and trip – and she is always the first parent assistants look to when they need help with anything.  She will be sorely missed next year when her youngest moves on to middle school, although I would not be surprised in the least if we still saw her around the halls, hanging up something!