WJCC Schools recognizes African American History Month in February 2020. Activities will include:

Elementary Schools

Clara Byrd Baker – Students will explore famous African Americans (AA) including inventors, trailblazers, leaders, and the contributions they have made. This will include local AA history and trivia regarding Clara Byrd Baker. Students will also be exposed to AA art including music and poetry and opportunities to create art reminiscent of African American artists. Students will discuss the civil rights movement, read books with black characters, and model after Martin Luther King by sharing their dreams. In Language Arts, students will choose an African American figure to research and share their findings with their peers.

 D.J. Montague – Students at D.J. will participate in the school’s African American History Month Book Series as W&M student volunteers read stories about African American figures, traditions, culture, and customs. The W&M students are members of various organizations such as; The National Pan-Hellenic Council of Fraternities and Sororities (“Divine Nine”), W&M Black Law Association, Athletics, and other multicultural organizations.

J. Blaine Blayton – The MEA will send a list of resources, books and activities to teachers for lessons/activities that could be conducted during morning meetings or included in lesson plans. Read-alouds will be conducted throughout the month about famous African Americans.

Matoaka – Matoaka will have a display case, a book challenge, a trivia challenge, and some shared resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. The display case in the front hallway will showcase accomplishments and literature of and by people who are African American. We will also be announcing a daily fact over the morning announcements pertaining to African American individuals in history. Each Friday, a question will be asked about the trivia of the week and the class who answers first gets the African American History Trivia trophy in their room for the week. We will also have a bulletin board filled with pictures of books on a calendar for students to read throughout the month. Information about the books will be sent to parents via Seesaw. The student in each grade who reads the most (and get a parent signature) will win a prize. The Multicultural Engagement Advocate (MEA) will encourage teachers to highlight African American History Month in their classrooms by sending everyone resources that they can incorporate into lessons.

Norge – Each grade level will participate in a different activity during AA History month. Kindergarteners will read a variety of literature about accomplished African Americans as well as AA fictional characters. The first-grade students will engage in various lessons about Maggie L. Walker and Arthur Ashe, famous AA Virginians. In second grade, students will research 25 different AA people and create an interactive hallway display. Norge third graders will be doing a Character in a Can. They will be responsible for researching an AA leader, decorating a can with a picture or artifact representative of the leader and writing 10 complete sentences (in support of their writing initiative) and host a wax museum in the school library for all grades to pass through and learn about the leaders. Fourth grade students will create books using facts about: Oliver Hill, L. Douglas Wilder, Maggie Walker, James Armistead Lafayette and Arthur Ashe. Fourth graders will also be doing reading activities using the book, Henry’s Freedom Box. Norge fifth grade students will be reporting out to the Beep Beep News about interesting African Americans who made a difference in the world.

Stonehouse – Stonehouse’s kindergarten and first grade classes are teaming up with art and music to perform a musical about Harriet Tubman. The musical will feature spirituals and the Underground Railroad. It will be a schoolwide performance. The event will take place on February 14 at 1:30. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend.

Middle Schools

Berkeley – Berkeley Middle School students will have an opportunity to speak with representatives from Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU) about their experience and journey. Representatives will answer guided questions such as: What school did you attend; What did you study; and What is your current occupation. The school will also host a school-wide African American History Month program on February 28, 2020.

James Blair – Posters will be hung in the main hallway and the bulletin board will feature biographies on selected present-day successful African American adults and children. Morning announcements will feature historical figures each day and PowerPoint pictures of historic figures will be displayed on the hallway televisions. We will also have AA focused writing reflections during AEP (provided by MEA and Admin). A school-wide Notable AA door decorating contest will take place, with one winner per grade level. The media specialist will create an AA Month display and encourage students to check out and read about historical figures in AA history. All of this will be publicized via Instagram/Twitter for the public.

Lois S. Hornsby – Posters will be hung in the main hallways and jazz music from various African American musicians will play in the main corridor as students enter the building. Our display case will feature bios. on selected present-day successful adults or children and the bulletin boards will highlight and honor Hornsby’s African American staff members. Morning announcements will feature historical figures each day and PowerPoint pictures of historic figures will be displayed on the main hallway television. We will also select and highlight teachers for AA lesson taught in the classroom. We will also extend this to parents and our broader community through Instagram posts.

Toano – Each morning the announcement will include information about African American figures. The bulletin board in the cafeteria will have an AA theme and a school-wide door decorating contest highlighting notable AA’s will take place. There will be one winner per grade level. The media specialist will create an AA Month display and encourage students to check out and read about historical figures in AA history. The Multicultural Engagement Advocate will provide lesson plans to teachers and encourage implementation during AEP.

High Schools

Lafayette – An African American quote will be read each day during the morning announcements for the entire month. Stop by one Friday during February to enjoy Soul Food Friday’s in the cafeteria. The library will create a virtual AA History museum. Teachers will participate in a door decorating contest while students will participate in a positive poster contest (both completed by Friday, February 7). Bulletin boards – 1) Impactful African Americans and key leaders; 2) I have a dream bulletin board in which students and staff can put their dreams on a note; and 3) African American crossword puzzle. Lastly, there will be a school-wide assembly on Friday, February 28 to include AA singing, dancing, and poetry/spoken word.

Warhill – The Virginia Repertoire Theatre will offer two performances of “I Have a Dream: The Life and Times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for Warhill students. Morning announcements surrounding AA figures will be presented by each content-area honor society. Cross-curricular lessons will be provided to the WHS teachers by the MEA. In support of the national theme “African Americans and the Vote” from the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), voter registration drives will be held during a set number of lunches. Lastly, students will participate in Thankful Thursday by responding to prompts. These activities will be student led by the WHS Diversity Club, SCA, WHS Honor Societies and Government classes.