The division learning packets that came home with each child on March 13th are due to be turned in the day we return to school.  Students will receive feedback and a grade for the completion of the packet – not accuracy.  They will not be counted as a quiz or test grade, but can be counted as a classwork or homework grade.  These packets consist of only review material; there are no new concepts or skills within them.  These are the first priority during this closure.

Our teachers also created review packets for those of you who want/need supplemental material to keep your children busy.  These are also wonderful reviews!  While our teachers used student data to create these, making them slightly more academically targeted toward need, they will not be graded.

Having any trouble diving into the Learning Plan Packets that were sent home?  The parent letter at the front of the packet provides instructions and expectations.  However, if you need more, here are some tips for getting started!

Reading: Try to do 3 things each day

  1. Spend at least 20-30 minutes each day reading with your student
  2. Reading activity – incorporate one grade level recommended activity from packet
  3. Journal entry – use a prompt from packet or come up with your own!

Math: Try to do 1 thing each day

  1. Math activity – incorporate one grade level recommended activity from packet

Need More?

Online Math Practice: Have student practice for at least 20 minutes on DreamBox (K-2) or Reflex Math (3-5)
Do a science experiment with something in nature
Research any topic using school resources (such as PebbleGo or World Book Online)
Make a PowerPoint presentation about any topic and present to family
Practice keyboarding skills on EduTyping (grades 3-5)
Practice an instrument
Practice coding on
Exercise outside or do GoNoodle videos inside
Make an art project or craft

Also, please don’t forget to check for a list of free online resources, virtual field trips, etc. available for children.  In addition, Audible is hosting a free selection of stories for kids of all ages at  All stories are free to stream on your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.  There is no requirement for sign-up or commitment so this is another great option to keep students engaged in literature.