Grade Level Highlights


  • Singing songs and playing instruments
  • Performing rhythm patterns
  • Responding to music with movement
  • Identifying classroom instruments
  • Respect of self and others in a musical setting

Grade One

  • Singing songs and playing instruments
  • Creativity in a variety of music experiences
  • Identifying melodic and rhythmic patterns
  • Identifying high and low sounds
  • Recognizing  sudden changes in expressive qualities of music

Grade Two

  • Use of traditional notation patterns
  • Reading lyrics containing more than one verse
  • Understanding the relationship  between music and other disiplines
  • Performing line and circle dances
  • Demonstrating locomotor and non-locomotor movements

Grade Three

  • Recognizing of singing in tune with clear tone quality
  • Performing interpretive movement
  • Playing a wide range of classroom intruments including the dulcimer
  • Identifying sets of beats
  • Identifying the orchestral families

Grade Four

  • Playing the recorder using traditional notation
  • Recognizing simple forms in music
  • Using music terminology
  • Identifying meter
  • Singing in simple harmony

Grade 5

  • Demonstrating age appropriate singing skills
  • Performing dances from various cultures
  • Playing the guitar using a variety of notation
  • Participating in  a broader range of performance experiences
  • Recognizing music of select American composers