A Clear Definition

Bullying must be clearly defined, so it can be recognized and addressed. Three characteristics distinguish bullying behavior from other forms of disrespect:

  • Repeated behavior
  • Physical or emotional harm
  • An imbalance in power

A conflict between individuals is not bullying. Rude behavior is not bullying. Mean behavior is not bullying.


District Policy

WJCC policy JFC addresses bullying as an unacceptable behavior and promotes age-appropriate strategies designed for prevention, intervention and accountability for bullying behaviors.

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Positive Prevention Philosophy

We believe that bullying behavior will change if…

  • Students learn the skills to behave appropriately.
  • Students gain insight about the impact of their behavior.
  • The school environment supports appropriate behavior and clarifies that bullying behavior is not acceptable.
  • Students are rewarded for appropriate behavior.
  • Students are NOT rewarded for bullying behavior.
Bullying Prevention Learning Objectives

Students will be able to…

  • Differentiate respectful from disrespectful behavior.
  • Show respect to others, even when it is difficult.
  • Use the “stop” signal if someone shows disrespectful behavior toward them or another person.
  • Remove themselves and other bystanders from the situation, if the disrespectful behavior continues.
  • Get help from an adult safely.
  • Use a “stop” strategy if someone signals them to “stop”.
Bullying Prevention Activities at Stonehouse
  • Class Instruction and Discussion: Teachers support the bullying prevention learning objectives through mini-lessons and/or classroom discussion with students.
  • Sea Star Sunrise Show: Mini-lesson material is featured on the school’s morning show. Classes are encouraged to discuss example scenarios and submit answers to review questions for a prize. A daily drawing also recognizes students for good behavior.
  • Unity Day: On October 19, 2016, students and staff wear orange and sign a pledge to symbolize commitment to creating a respectful school community. In addition, Respect Bingo starts on Unity day and runs throughout the remainder of the month.
  • Respect BingoStonehouse Elementary School is all about rewarding positive behavior. It is the first key to preventing bullying! With Respect Bingo, students track all the wonderful ways they are showing respect to others and are recognized for that awesomeness!
  • Mix It Up At Lunch Day: When students interact with people who are different from them, respect and understanding can grow. On October 25, students have the opportunity to shake things up and connect with someone new over lunch.
Report an Incident

If you have knowledge of a bullying incident or you are the victim of bullying, please contact our school’s administration or submit electronically.

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More Information

For more information, questions, or concerns, contact our school’s Bullying Prevention Coordinator:

Claire Brantley
Stonehouse Elementary School Counselor
and Bullying Prevention Coordinator
757-566-4300 x49319