Claire BrantleySchool Counselor
Phone: (757) 566-4300 (ext. 49320)
Grades K, 2, 4
Shelley GilbertSchool Counselor
Phone: (757) 566-4300 (ext. 49319)
Grades 1, 3, 5

Mission & Vision

Stonehouse Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement:

In partnership with faculty, staff, families, and the community, Stonehouse Elementary School counselors advocate for the safety and success of all students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that meets the range of students’ academic, career, and social emotional needs and promotes their equitable access to a rigorous education.

Stonehouse Elementary School Counseling Vision Statement:

Students will develop life-long leadership skills that empower them to seek opportunities for continuous self-growth, strive beyond their fullest potential, and contribute positively as productive members of the 21st century.

Student Leadership Awards

We want our students to know how much we value their positive behaviors and choices. Once a quarter, teachers select two students from their class who have demonstrated exemplary safety, tolerance, attitude, respect, and/or striving. Winners are recognized with a prestigious prize package including: their picture on our Leadership bulletin board near the main entrance, a special medal presented to them on the morning announcements, lunch bunch with a counselor, and keepsake award certificate presented at our award ceremony.

Our Services

Lessons or activities that promote knowledge, attitudes, and skills through monthly instruction in the classroom or planned group activities outside of the classroom

What this looks like in action:
Each month, we come to your child’s classroom for a Work Ready Visit to teach skills like conflict resolution, goal-setting, growth mindset, and stress management. Students are challenged to make school-to-work connections as they discover how these important skills prepare them for success in college and careers.

We extend learning through a weekly career development segment on the morning announcements called Future Fridays, which gives students the opportunity to further explore the world of work and present their discoveries and passions to their peers.

Ongoing group counseling sessions provided to students with similar developmental or situational challenges with the goal of achieving healthy personal adjustment and coping with the stress of changing/complex environments

What this looks like in action:
We spend the beginnging of each semester collecting data to determine areas of student need and creating small groups that will address them. Upon obtaining parent consent and scheduling each session, students meet for 4-8 weeks with us, typically during the months of November-December and March-April. We continue to track progress after the group concludes and provide follow-up support as needed.

Planned, goal-focused, short-term counseling sessions to assist students in overcoming issues impeding success or expressing difficulties dealing with developmental tasks

What this looks like in action:
We receive requests for individual counseling from parents, school staff, and students. Our focus when we meet with students one-on-one is to understand their perspective on what’s occurring and help them explore and practice strategies to respond safely and successfully.

Helping students navigate critical and emergency situations (e.g. recognizing and responding to student mental health crisis and offering short-term intervention, referral, and follow up)

What this looks like in action:
We conduct risk assessments, communicate results with parents, and work together to develop a plan to keep students safe and able to effectively express themselves.

Analyzing students’ abilities, interests, skills, and achievement to help them make decisions and develop immediate and long-range educational, career, and personal goals

What this looks like in action:
We work with fourth grade students in developing an Academic and Career Plan Portfolio (ACPP). We guide students through an interest inventory to help them identify areas for career exploration. We support fifth grade families in preparation for middle school transition by coordinating course requests and sharing information. We organize a school-wide Career Day as a part of our college and career week, which exposes students to a diverse array of careers with the opportunity to personally connect with role models.

Teaming/partnering with other stakeholders to support student achievement, advocate for student programs, and facilitate workshops about student developmental tasks for parents/guardians and staff

What this looks like in action:
We offer parent workshop learning opportunities throughout the year, meet with community partners, school team members, and parents to develop plans and programs that support student success. We coordinate food, clothing, and gift drive programs throughout the year to support our Sea Star families.

Working with professionals inside and outside of the school building to assist in identifying and addressing barriers to student achievement

What this looks like in action:
We attend child study and MTSS meetings and communicate with local practitioners to gather and share information.

Providing community resources as needed and staying connected with these resources to wrap support services around students across all environments

What this looks like in action:
We connect families with resources in the community like counseling services, camps, and behavioral support.

Provides academic and/or behavioral support, as well as career or personal/social development, to all students through planned programs, interventions or activities.

What this looks like in action:
We celebrate positive student choices through our Leadership Awards program. We also lead our school’s bullying prevention initiatives and multicultural awareness events.

The school counseling program is aligned with the US Department of Education’s Every Student Succeeds Act, the Virginia Standards of Learning, the Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools, and the American School Counselor Association’s Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College and Career Readiness Standards for Every Student.