School Hours: The school day for students begins at 8:55 a.m. and ends at 3:25 p.m. We appreciate it if families can schedule appointments around these times to preserve the continuity of instruction.

Morning Drop Off: Students should not be dropped off at school prior to 8:40, as we do not have adult supervision until this time. Students can begin unloading at 8:40 once staff members are in place. All students should be dropped off around the flag pole circle. To allow the flow of traffic to move as quickly as possible, as soon is your child is within the drop off zone (the flag pole circle where staff members are standing), have your children exit the vehicle. Do not wait to move your vehicle closer to the front doors. Any adult who needs to assist their student getting out of the vehicle should park in a designated parking spot in the main parking lot and walk with their child to the front doors. Please be patient and do not attempt to pass any vehicles in the drop off line, even if your students have exited but the vehicle in front of you has not. Students dropped off after 9:00 will need to be accompanied into the office and marked as tardy.

Parent Pick-Up: Students getting picked up will be called to the cafeteria and gym at 3:05 and 3:10. White car line (Grades K-1) should follow the line through the flag pole circle. Blue car line (Grades 2-5) should follow the line through the parking lot. Please display your car tag number where staff members can easily read it in the windshield. Students will be brought out to cars as soon as they are ready, typically about 3:15. All parents should plan to pick up their student(s) by 3:30.