Another exciting school year is underway and as you know reading is the key to unlocking your child’s future as a student and citizen.  Thank you for supporting your child’s reading growth by making reading a part of your nightly routine.  All of the classroom teachers at Stonehouse are committed to supporting your home reading efforts and have a home reading calendar for you to track your child’s nightly reading.  Many teachers help students bring home books for home reading that are “Just Right” for your child.  Challenge your child by asking questions or having him/her retell a chapter or book that was read.

In addition to establishing nightly home reading routines, please remember to treat school books with the care.  Whether your child has borrowed a book from the school library, teacher’s library, or the reading room, it should be returned to school in a timely manner and in the same condition your child borrowed it in.  Thank you again for making nightly reading a valuable part of your nightly routine!