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Welcome to the WJCC Strategic Planning webpage!

On Feb. 6th, the WJCC School Board voted unanimously to begin the exciting work of developing our division’s next five-year strategic plan. To date, we have completed the information gathering and synthesis phase.

Our approach to developing the plan is a comprehensive one that involves our employees, students, families, School Board members, community members as well as local business, higher education and organizational leaders. We’ve gained valuable insights about what’s working, what we can improve upon and other opportunities to advance our efforts to help all of our diverse learners succeed. Links to the reports summarizing these findings can be found below.

  • Phase 1: Ideation and Planning – Completed in February
  • Phase 2: Information Gathering and Synthesis – Completed in early May
  • Phase 3: Plan Formation – under way (May/June)
  • Phase 4: Execution and Monitoring

The insights from Phase 2 will inform the first draft of priorities, goals and strategies for the next strategic plan. We will continue to keep you updated as our planning progresses. Please visit this webpage frequently to stay up to date.