School Social Work is a specialized area of practice within the social work profession, focusing on issues that impact student learning and success in school.

In Virginia, School Social Workers are licensed by the Virginia Department of Education, which requires a Master’s degree with over 60 credit hours of coursework and supervised fieldwork in social work and education.

Many School Social Workers complete additional requirements and are also licensed as clinical social workers (LCSW), a credential allowing independent practice in Virginia, including diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

Contact a School Social Worker when you: 

  • Are concerned about a child who shows signs of emotional or behavioral difficulties, displays reluctance or refusal to attend school, or is experiencing personal or family situations and may benefit from support and intervention
  • Want to find out more about community resources for students and families
  • Need assistance with parent-school communication and involvement
  • Have questions about homelessness, foster care, child abuse and neglect, residency, parental custody and guardianship
  • Are not sure how to get started in finding help

Services provided include assessments, counseling, consultation, and help connecting with school and community resources.