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About the Pathways Project

WJCC high schools were awarded Governor’s Innovation Grants to plan and implement high school programs that provide students with innovative approaches to learning.

Participants in Pathways Project programs at all three WJCC high schools will work in a collaborative setting that focuses on innovative learning opportunities for every student. Students will experience flexibility through online courses, blended instruction, dual enrollment, early college, project- and community-based learning, and credit acceleration and recovery.

Connecting with industries and businesses along the way:

  • The Pathways Project @ Jamestown High School will focus on exploring pathways within the health and medical sciences field and will open doors to clinical observations and internships.
  • The Pathways Project @ Lafayette High School will give students opportunities to explore leadership and entrepreneurship and develop core skill sets required for many possible careers.
  • The Pathways Project @ Warhill High School helps students chart a personalized roadmap to success based on individual career interests and personalized learning.

At JHS and LHS, the 2017-18 school year will be each program’s pilot year with 100 freshman students. At WHS, Pathways will enroll 100 freshmen students in 2017-18 as well as expand to the tenth grade year with eligible students who enrolled as freshman in 2016-17.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will students follow a regular high school schedule?

Pathways Project participants will meet with a mentor and develop a personalized learning pathway. Students will incorporate blended and online courses into their schedules.

Will transportation be provided to out-of-zone students?

Bus transportation will be provided to all out-of-zone Pathways students. Specific details will be provided to families by the WJCC transportation department in August.

What happens if student is not successful or fitting in?

We will work with the family and student to transition the student back to a traditional coursework at the student’s zoned school.

What happens if a student changes his/her mind about what career path they want to pursue?

Working collaboratively, the family and school will adjust the student’s individual Pathways plan to meet new interests and maintain on-time graduation.

Will the diploma/credits be recognized by colleges & universities?

Yes, students will have a high school transcript that will be recognized by post-secondary institutions.

Who introduces new math/science concepts? Will teachers introduce & work with students before on-line practice?

Pathways Math and Pathways English will use both teachers and digital content to introduce and reinforce concepts and skills to students.

Will students earn graduation credits for the new classes?

While students will focus on mastering content rather than seat time, the successful completion of course content will result in high school credit.

My student isn’t sure about his/her future. Will interest in a specific career be required for entry into the program?

No, as part of the freshman experience all Pathways students will have opportunities to explore many career options.

Will sports and extracurricular activities be open to my child?

Yes, freshmen participating in the Pathways Project will be eligible for athletics and clubs.

Will my student earn a high school diploma?

Yes, if the student successfully completes the requirements of the Pathways Project, he/she will earn a high school diploma.

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