Updated 2/26/2018: Softball & Baseball Schedule

TMS Softball- Baseball Game Schedule 2018

 **Updates/Changes are in RED
Date Time Opponent Location
3/15 4:30 Peasley Away
3/21 4:30 Berkeley Home
3/22 4:30 Page Home
3/26 4:30 Tabb Home
3/27 4:30 Queens Lake Home
3/29 4:30 York Home
4/9 4:30 Grafton Away
4/11 4:30 Page Home
4/12 4:30 Hornsby Home
4/16 4:30 New Kent Away
4/18 4:30 Berkeley Home
4/19 4/23 4:30 Make-up Date *If needed TBD
 4/23 4/26 4:30 Semi-finals TBD
4/26 4/30 4:30 Finals TBD


SOL Testing Schedule

2018 TMS SOL Schedule:  Writing SOL – 2018

March >>>

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
March 19th




March 20th


Grade 8: 

Writing – Multiple Choice


March 21st


Grade 8: 

Writing – Short Paper


March 22nd



March 23rd




 2018 TMS SOL Schedule: Non-Writing – SOLs 2018

May and June >>>

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
May 14th




May 15th


Reading 7

May 16th


Reading 8

May 17th


Reading 6

May 18th


Civics 8

May 21st




May 22nd


Math for all 6th Graders



May 23rd


Math for all 8th Graders

Algebra I and Geometry


May 24th



May 25th


Science 8

May 28th


Closed – Memorial Day


May 29th


 Make-Ups and

(Expedited Re-takes for  Civics 8)

May 30th


Math for All 7th Graders

FOAII and Algebra I


May 31st


Make-Ups and

(Expedited Re-takes for Reading 8)


June 1st


Make-Ups and

(Expedited Retakes for

Reading 7)

June 4th

(Expedited Re-takes for Reading 6 and Science)


June 5th

(Expedited Re-takes for

All 6th Graders – Math)

June 6th

(Expedited Re-takes for

All 8th Graders – Math)

June 7th

(Expedited Re-takes for All 7th Graders – Math)

June 8th


Expedited Re-takes

Expungement Info and Form

Downloadable: Expungement Request Form
  Downloadable: FAQ Expungement

>>>>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): Expunging the Grade/Credit of a High School Course Taken in Middle School <<<<

Can I expunge the grade/credit from a course taken in 7th grade during/after my 8th grade year?

  • No. All requests to expunge a grade/credit from a student transcript must be received by August 1st of the same year in which the student completes the course.

If I expunge an Algebra or Geometry grade/credit, will I have to retake the course prior to moving into the next sequenced math course?

  • Yes. Per the Program of Studies, if a student has a grade/credit expunged from the transcript in a high school credit-bearing Algebra or Geometry course, the course must be repeated for credit in order to meet graduation requirements. Similarly, once a grade /credit is expunged, that course is no longer able to be used to fulfill the next courses’ prerequisite.

I’m in 7th grade and I didn’t do as well as I would like to have done in Part A of a World Language I course (e.g. Spanish I Part A). Do I need to expunge this course’s grade/credit if I don’t plan to take Part B? Which World Language course should I request for 8th grade?

  • Any student who has taken Part A of a World Language course in 7th grade (e.g. Spanish I Part A) and chooses not to move on to Part B of the same World Language course in 8th grade (e.g. Spanish I Part B) would not need to submit a request to expunge a grade/credit from a student transcript for Part A. Part A would still be seen in ParentVue in the Course History tab, but the student would receive neither a World Language credit nor grade on his/her transcript if he/she does not complete Part B. If this same student would still like to take a World Language in 8th grade, he/she will need to take the full-year World Language I course (e.g. Spanish I, Latin I, German I, French I) in 8th grade.

Can I expunge the grade/credit from Part B of a World Language I course (e.g. Spanish I Part B) taken in 8th grade without expunging the grade/credit from Part A (e.g. Spanish I Part A) taken in 7th grade?

  • No. Because the grades earned in Part A and Part B are averaged to create a single grade, students expunging the grade/credit from Part B of a World Language I course (e.g. Spanish I Part B) will automatically expunge the grade/credit of Part A of the World Language I course (e.g. Spanish I Part A) from the student’s transcript. The student would receive neither a World Language grade/credit on his/her transcript. If the grade/credit from both Part A and Part B are kept, the transcript would reflect a single course grade (e.g. Spanish I) and the credit earned. The grades for each part would still be able to be seen in ParentVue in the Course History tab.

Can I rescind or revoke a request to expunge the grade/credit from a high school credit-bearing course after I have submitted it?

  • All expungements are final as of the date the form is submitted. Grades/credits expunged from a student’s transcript as a result of an expungement request cannot be added back at any time.

I am a rising 9th grade student taking an accelerated, high school credit bearing course over the summer (e.g. Geometry). Would I be able to expunge this grade/credit if I needed to?

  • Grades/credits from courses taken over the summer for acceleration cannot be expunged.

How can I change my schedule for 2016-2017 if I need to retake a course that I am expunging or if I am no longer going to meet the pre-requisite for the next course in the sequence that I previously requested (e.g. Spanish II)?

  • Your new school counselor at your zoned high school will receive your expungement information upon their return in early August. They will facilitate all necessary schedule changes as a result of any expungement.
**REMINDER: All requests to expunge a grade/credit from a student transcript must be submitted to the student’s zoned high school by August 1st of the year in which the student took the course.

WJCC Math Acceleration

Middle School Registration Info & Forms

Links to registration information and forms:


If you missed the parent information session on your child’s classes for next year…

Check out the following informative presentations, course of studies booklet and sign up forms concerning your child’s schedule next school year:

2016-2018 Program of Studies

Middle School Parent Night 6th Grade Information-pdf

(16-17) 6th grade registration TMS

Middle School Parent Night 7th and 8th Grade Information-pdf

(16-17) 7th grade registration TMS(16-17) 8th grade registration

TMSCourse Change Request Form

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Program (MTSS)

MTSS Toano Matrix MTSS Parent Letter – October    /    MTSS Toano Matrix

October 14, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Toano Middle School is committed to helping all children thrive by promoting a positive learning community.  As part of our commitment, this school year we are joining other WJCC schools to build upon our success and implement the Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) Program.

The Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Program is a way of providing instruction and support to promote academic and social success of all children.  The goal is to be proactive and intervene early to foster the school’s mission.

For further information reference the website below


A key component of the MTSS system is the use of consistent positive rewards to celebrate students’ successes.  Students who are consistently following the characteristics of the P.R.I.D.E. Matrix are reinforced with Tiger Tokens. The matrix is listed on the back of this letter.

Rewards using tokens include:

  • P.R.I.D.E. Events (quarterly)
  • Drawings for various incentives (weekly)
  • Token “purchases” in the P.R.I.D.E Store

We look forward to collaborating with you and appreciate any feedback concerning this initiative. This program will be fully implemented over a course of two-three years under the guidance of our site-based MTSS Team.

On behalf of the TMS Staff,

Ms. Tracey Jones, Principal                                                                        Michael Hurley, Assistant Principal