Kendall McLeodSchool Counselor
Phone: (757) 566-4251 (ext. 23114)
Cell phone: (757) 914-0879
Grade: 6-8
Last Names: A-G
Kelsey TraversSchool Counselor
Phone: (757) 566-4251 (ext. 23116)
Cell phone: 757-914-0892
Grade: 6-8
Last Names: H-N
Brandi BurroughsSchool Counselor
Phone: (757) 566-4251 (ext. 23115)
Cell phone: (757) 914-0889
Grade: 6-8
Last Names: O-Z
Sandi WillardRegistrar
Phone: (757) 566-4251 (ext. 23113)

We are excited to be working as your Toano Middle School Counselors again this year and are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Counselors help students:

  • Discuss Feelings
  • Explore Options
  • Reach Decisions
  • Sort out problems
  • Understand Abilities

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Toano Middle School counseling program is that all students pursue excellence and champion success in order to become high achieving 21st century citizens. Our students are unique individuals who display integrity, innovation, and accountability. These characteristics prepare them to live productively, be self-reliant, and contribute constructively to the lives of others by becoming dynamic members of the workforce and seeking opportunities for higher education.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Toano Middle School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the academic, social/emotional, and career needs of all students through individual and group counseling sessions and core classroom curriculum. By promoting equity, access, and success, the program addresses the diverse needs and abilities of our student body. The program is committed to creating authentic partnerships with educators, home, and community with the desired outcome that every student grows into a respectful and independent lifelong learner.

Toano Middle School follows a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the personal, career, and academic needs of each student through the following modes of delivery:

To help students explore concerns and develop a plan of action.

To aid the student in success of his/her plan of action.

To allow small groups to share ideas about specific issues that are determined by a needs assessments.

To meet with students and help them understand about topics relevant to their growth and development.

To gather information about students’ abilities, achievements, and behaviors so that appropriate educational placement and referrals are made.

To serve as referral agents to help students and their families.

To function as an active member of student educational teams.

To consult with administration, teachers, community professionals, and treatment agencies to plan appropriate services for each child.

To provide resource information for parents and teachers.

To create class schedules for each student.