Middle school dances are a privilege that all students must earn! Dances are reserved for middle school students only. No guests are permitted at Toano Middle School dances. Since dances are a privilege, a student loses his or her privilege of attending the next dance if he or she is not a student in good standing. This includes but is not limited to students who have two or more in school suspensions or one or more out of school suspensions. Students who are absent on the day of a dance or any other celebration or extracurricular activity may not attend the event. The administration reserves the right to deny admittance to the dance to any student or guest. All dances begin at 6:00 pm and end promptly at 8:00 p.m. If students are not picked up on time, they may be denied the privilege of attending the next dance. Please make all possible efforts to pick up your child by 8:00 pm. Parents are encouraged to chaperone dances.

Conduct at School Dances:
Toano Middle School students are expected to obey all school and dance rules and to conduct themselves as ladies
and gentlemen at all times. The dance rules are as follows:

  1. Students are not to arrive before 6:00 p.m.
  2. Students are to walk – not run – during the dance.
  3. The middle school dress code is in effect for the dances.
  4. Students are to remain in the gym/cafeteria area or in the gym hall during the dance.
  5. No food or drink will be allowed in the gym. All trash must be placed in the proper receptacles.
  6. Bathrooms are to be used for their intended purposes. Students are not to spend the evening in them.
  7. Students are to treat all teacher and parent chaperones courteously and follow the instructions they
    are given.
  8. Students are to stay in the building until they are ready to leave the dance. They may not leave and
    re-enter the building. Students are to remain in the dance area until its completion unless they are
    leaving the dance with their parent/guardian.
  9. The dance ends at 8:00 p.m. Any student who are not picked up by 8:30 p.m. will not be allowed to
    attend the next dance.

Rules for Dancing:

  • Students are expected to dance upright. Students are not to dance down on the floor.
  • Students are not to crowd together. When standing or dancing as a group, students must leave enough
    space in between them to allow for a person to walk through easily and for an adult to see into the center
    of the circle.
  • Students are not permitted to perform dances/moves that may endanger themselves or others.
  • Students are to dance face-to-face or side-to-side. Students are not to dance front to back.
  • During slow dances, there is to be visible space between dancers.
  • Students who are in violation of these rules will receive one warning from a chaperone, teacher, or
    administrator. Students who continue to misbehave will be taken to a teacher or an administrator and
    may be instructed to sit for a short time, asked to call a parent/guardian to pick them up, or told they are
    not allowed to attend the next dance. Some inappropriate behaviors may result in a referral to

Dress Code at School Dances:
The school dress code will be enforced during school dances.