Goal 1:

Toano Middle School will increase the SOL Math Pass Rate for the Economically Disadvantaged Subgroup from 74% in 2015-2016 to at least 79% in 2016-2017.


  1. Math teachers will use a spiraling back method throughout their daily warm ups to reteach, and reemphasize weak areas shown by Division Curriculum Based Assessments (CBAs) and unit tests.
  2. Units of instruction will include specific learning activities aligned with state objectives.  (For instance, math teachers use differentiated instruction throughout the year using technology related lessons.)

Goal 2:

Toano Middle School will increase the SOL Reading Pass Rate for the Students with Disabilities from 47% in 2015-2016 to at least 51.7% in 2016-2017.


  1. English Teachers will provide reteaching, flexible grouping, stations/learning, and scaffolding practices (guided notes and questions, graphic organizers, essay templates) on a daily basis.
  2. English Teachers will use high-yield literacy strategies, and resources from the District Pacing Guide, and VDOE Lessons on a daily basis.

Goal 3:

Toano Middle School will increase the overall performance on the Progressive Aerobic Capacity Run (PACER) from 70.5. to 75.5% during the 2016-2017 school year.


  1. Health and Physical Education teachers will analyze student performance on the PACER pre-assessment evaluating strengths and weaknesses and developing a plan for improving performance on future PACER assessments.
  2. Health and Physical Education teachers will develop learning plans with instructional activities designed to teach assessing student personal fitness, setting fitness goals, and developing a personal fitness plan for improvement/maintenance of health-related fitness.