The Pathways students and teachers are eternally grateful for the monumental help supplied by the Lowes, specifically the Assistant Manager Laurie Creek.  Lowes donated a myriad of tools to support our project, including: a shed, wheelbarrow, shovels,  gloves, seeds, and more. With this donation, we will have a place to store our supplies, as well as the supplies necessary to begin planting and assembling the garden.

But most importantly, this even has granted Pathways students a whole new experience. While appealing for funding, our students have learned how to write effective letters for support and solicit donations. This skill will benefit  us  monumentally in the workforce and university.

In addition to the donation of the necessary tools, Lowes facilitated a donation from their supplier Bonnie of 100 plants to get our garden started.  Students enjoyed choosing different types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers to construct the optimum learning and vegetable garden.

With these tools and plants supplied by Lowes, we will finally be able to develop the garden. It is our ambition to provide our students with a multifaceted learning experience where they can gain hands on, real world experience. Hopefully, this garden will do just that.