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On May 24th, at 6:00 am, as Mr. Greg Seay roamed the halls with his usual “Good Morning” and faithful hugs, he noticed something unusual, something that made him smile and laugh from his core.  In a monumental way, Warhill students and staff wanted to honor Mr. Gregory E. Seay, and they wore t-shirts that read “BE LIKE MR. SEAY”, and Pride Rock was painted to reflect the quote as well!

At 2:00 pm on Friday, May 24th, Warhill students and staff converged on the Student Center, making a statement for the man who has made an impact on so many during his 12-year tenure at Warhill High School.  Mr. Gregory E. Seay, the custodian, is set to retire in June and Warhill students wanted to remind him that he would be remembered forever.  So much so, they renamed the Warhill Student Center to honor the retiring custodian, to the “Gregory E. Seay Student Center.”

The plaque that will be mounted in the Gregory E. Seay Student Center reads:

“Mr. Seay selflessly exhibited the Warhill Way through his contagious smile, warm hugs, and infectious laugh from February 2007 until his retirement in 2019. Students, faculty, and staff found a mentor and friend when they needed one most in Mr. Seay, and his impact on Warhill High School will remain as all who met him carry his wisdom, advice, and positivity with them in their lives and share it with others.   “BE LIKE MR. SEAY”