Are you interested in research? Do you want to be further involved in science? Is there an experiment you can’t wait to try? Are you wanting the chance to speak to local scientists and engineers about your work?  If so, have you considered signing up for the division science fair?

Did you know that Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools hosts an annual science fair for all high school students. This exciting opportunity allows students to expand their understanding of scientific research and engineering design while completing a project and communicating the results to the public and judges at the division science fair. This year’s fair will be held on Friday, January 10, 2020. Interested students should contact any science teacher in their building for more information. All students must complete the required paperwork to participate in the event. Selected winners will be invited to attend the Regional Tidewater Science Fair.


October 7 – 31: Begin developing research question and title for project, Complete paperwork and obtain approval

  • Get teacher approval for your project.
  • Obtain a Composition book (Logbook/Journal)
  • Complete: Form 1, Form 1A, Form 1B
  • Use Forms Wizard to see what other paperwork may be needed (The Abstract is completed once the project is complete)
  • Submit experimental design to the teacher
  • Teacher maintains all paperwork in a physical Student Science Fair Folder

Student may only begin project when ALL paperwork has been approved, including research plan

Project implementation (at home) should start

November 4: Deadline to sign-up for science fair by submitting paperwork to teacher

  • Teachers submit database and verify names by completing Science Fair Excel Spreadsheet

November 25: Complete Project

December 2:Students submit abstract

  • Teacher reviews and approves the abstract

December 6: Students submit final Abstracts (for Science Fair Folder and Backboards) to teachers

  • Teachers will verify names for the Science Fair Program

December 9 – 13: Teachers will submit student’s Science Fair Folders to the Science Coordinator

  • Students without complete and appropriate ISEF paperwork will be ineligible for the science fair.
  • Teachers make and submit 1 copy Research Plan AND Abstract AND original paperwork in 1 folder per project
  • Teachers will verify names for the Science Fair Program by completing the Science Fair Excel Spreadsheet
  • Teacher reviews and approves the backboard materials (once backboard is approved, student glues work materials onto the backboard)

December 13 – Jan 3:  Students construct backboard for science fair

 January 7: Backboards must be turned in to teachers

  • Teachers will make sure student name and category are on the back of the backboard.

January 10: Division Science Fair 

  • Select winners are eligible to compete in the Tidewater Science Fair and must complete the Tidewater Application

March 14: Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair (TSEF) – Old Dominion University

*This timeline is used as a guide for students and teachers at the high-school level. Schools and clubs may have more specific details and deadlines assigned by their school-level teacher contact.