2022 Science Fair - Get more information

Is your high school student interested in research or the STEM fields? Encourage them to sign-up for the WJCC Science Fair. 

How to sign-up

To sign-up, students will need to talk to their school sponsor listed below. Virtual Academy students may participate by contacting the sponsor at their home school:

Teachers submit database and verify names by completing Science Fair Excel Spreadsheet. 


Nov. 12, 2021: Science Fair project proposal approvals and forms are listed below are due to school sponsors.

  • Get teacher approval for your project 
  • Obtain a Composition book (Logbook/Journal) 
  • Complete:  Form 1, Form 1A, Form 1B 
  • Use Forms Wizard to see what other paperwork may be needed (The Abstract is completed once the project is complete) 
  • Submit experimental design to the teacher 
  • Teacher maintains all paperwork in a digital Student Science Fair Folder 

Students may only begin their project when ALL paperwork has been approved, including their research plan.     

Nov. 12, 2021 – Jan. 7, 2022: During this time students should complete their science projects experiments. Below is an outline of the steps. Please see your school-specific science fair sponsor for deadlines. 

  • After approval, start project implementation 
  • Complete Science Fair research and project 
  • Complete project paper and write abstract  (resource: How to write an abstract. ) 
  • Use ISEF “Abstract Form with 21 Categories” link to complete the abstract form 
  • Teacher reviews and approves the abstract and project paper (Headings to include Introduction, Procedures, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References Cited (Minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources) 
  • Students begin building presentation 

Jan. 7, 2022: Teachers will submit student’s science fair paperwork and paperwork to the Science Coordinator  

  • Students without complete and appropriate ISEF paperwork will be ineligible for the science fair  
  • Teachers make and submit 1 digital copy project paper, abstract and original paperwork in 1 digital folder per project 
  • Teachers will verify names for the Science Fair Program by completing the Science Fair Excel Spreadsheet  
  • Teacher reviews and approves the Presentation 

Jan. 12, 2022: Division Science Fair (back-up date: January 19) 

  • Location: Lafayette High School 
  • Select winners are eligible to compete in the Tidewater Science Fair and may complete the Tidewater Application if applicable 

TBD: Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair (TSEF)  


If you have questions about the science fair please email Jessica Gateau, jessica.gateau@wjccschools.org, or Kristin Cosby, Kristin.Cosby@wjccschools.org