A.P. Literature and Composition and A.P. Language and Composition 2015 Summer Assignments:

Students who will be taking A.P. Literature and Composition or A.P. Language and Composition during the 2015-2016 school year are required to complete summer assignments before returning to school in the fall of 2015. Below are the assignments for each class.

AP Literature Summer Assignment

AP Language Summer Assignment

We dedicate our site to the students who brought us here and to those who will take us there.

PREFACE:  Our department features a vertically teamed curriculum with a corporate overview enhanced with technology. 

FOCUS:  Reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

VISION:  The English Department as might be expected wishes to cultivate in our students a life-long love of literature and writing to enhance their entry into a 21st century society.  We hope to instill in our students the impetus to be life-long readers.  By using words such as appreciate, inspire, and encourage as we take our students through the department’s curricula, we aim high with our expectations to far surpass minimum competency standards.  Our students will realize the ever-changing career continuum while using the English skills learned at Warhill High School in order to augment their daily lives as productive citizens in their community.