2017 SEOY

Warhill Support Employee of the Year

Congratulations KATHLEEN SPEED, Warhill Support Employee of the Year

Mrs. Speed is willing to go above and beyond when you request her assistance.  She is very proactive in working with ALL types of students and she has a knack for getting the most troubled students to at least try.  She is able to differentiate instruction in a number of ways and she is often the person that is able to get the most unmotivated students to participate and complete their work.

She stays on top of her job.  She always checks to make sure her accommodations are up to date, and will always check with me to make sure I am also keeping track of my accommodations.  If one of us has an old version of an IEP or 504 plan we work together to help each other out to make sure the most recent IEP or 504 plan is in place.

Kathleen is one who never says no… if you ask and it’s in her power, consider it done and done very well!!!  She is one of the FEW employees that I know that doesn’t complain about what is asked of her (and we as a department/school ask A LOT of her).

She excels at her job, but is a critical component to the success of the SPED department at WHS.  She is extremely valuable because she always assists as needed, does secretarial duties for the department, relates to the students all while providing quality of support for ANY teacher in the building.