Establish Study-Time Norms

  • Designate a quiet space for study-time
  • Establish a consistent, daily routine for studying
  • Eliminate distractions – noise, television, or other distractors
  • Set high expectations for student work

Generate Discussion

  • Ask your student to tell you two things learned that day
  • Read a book with your student and engage in a discussion about the theme or likes/dislikes
  • When possible, relate life experiences to learning
  • Use discussions and questions to encourage your student’s curiosity

Support the School

  • Ask the teacher what your student will be learning and how you can support learning at home.
  • Review homework with your student to identify strengths and areas for growth
  • Ask the teacher about opportunities for enrichment and/or tutoring to help strengthen skills
  • Reinforce school practices and procedures

Use an Agenda

  • To list homework assignments, due dates, and completion
  • To communicate with the teacher
  • To establish balance to prioritize your student’s schoolwork and extracurricular activities

Seek Resources to Enhance Learning

  • Attend local cultural/sporting events
  • Learn about local resources (library, recreation center, historic sites) that encourage exploration and expand learning
  • Ask the teacher about online resources that may enrich student learning
  • Seek out volunteer opportunities for your student